Benoit Giraud

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PURPOSE OF THE STUDY The objective of this study was to compare the dynamic hip screw (Synthes) and intramedullary fixation (Targon PF, Aesculap) for the treatment of pertrochanteric fractures in terms of stability, complications and cost effectiveness. MATERIAL AND METHODS This prospective randomized study included 60 patients hospitalized in an(More)
BACKGROUND Various methods of haemoglobin (Hb) measurement are available to guide transfusion including several methods that allow for measurement at the bedside. This study directly compared their absolute and trend accuracy compared with values from the central lab (reference method). METHODS Adult patients undergoing surgery with expected blood loss(More)
Linear rate equations are used to describe the cascading decay of an initial heavy cluster into fragments. Using a procedure inspired by the similar, but continuous case of jet fragmentation in QCD, this discretized process may be analyzed into eigen-modes, corresponding to moments of the distribution of multiplicities. The orders of these moments are(More)
Non-invasive monitoring of haemoglobin concentration provides real-time measurement of haemoglobin concentration (SpHb) using multi-wavelength pulse co-oximetry. We hypothesised that in-vivo adjustment using the mean of three haemoglobinometer (HemoCue®) measurements from an arterial blood sample at the first SpHb measurement (HCueART) would increase the(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare accuracy of a continuous noninvasive cutaneous temperature using zero-heat-flux method to esophageal temperature and arterial temperature. DESIGN Prospective study. SETTING ICU and NeuroICU, University Hospital. PATIENTS Fifty-two ICU patients over a 4-month period who required continuous temperature monitoring were included in(More)
OBJECTIVES Nowadays, the recommended measures for optimal monitoring of axial Spondyloarthritis (ax-SpA) disease activity are either BASDAI and CRP, or ASDAS-CRP. However, there could be a gap between recommendations and daily practice. We aimed to determine the measures collected by rheumatologists in an ax-SpA follow-up visit, and to determine the impact(More)
The usual definition of the prior(post) interaction V (V ′) between projectile and target (resp. ejectile and residual target) being contradictory with full antisymmetrization between nucleons, an explicit antisymmetrization projector A must be included in the definition of the transition operator, T ≡ V ′ A + V ′ AGV. We derive the suitably(More)