Benoit Dubois

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Human dendritic cells (DC) can now be generated in vitro in large numbers by culturing CD34+ hematopoietic progenitors in presence of GM-CSF+TNF alpha for 12 d. The present study demonstrates that cord blood CD34+ HPC indeed differentiate along two independent DC pathways. At early time points (day 5-7) during the culture, two subsets of DC precursors(More)
In vivo, dendritic cells (DC) form a network comprising different populations. In particular, Langerhans cells (LC) appear as a unique population of cells dependent on transforming growth factor beta(TGF-beta) for its development. In this study, we show that endogenous TGF-beta is required for the development of both LC and non-LC DC from CD34+(More)
In this study, we investigate whether dendritic cells (DC), known to interact directly with T and B cells, might also contribute to the recruitment of B cells through the production of chemotactic factors. We found that B cells responded to several chemokines (CXCL12, CCL19, CCL20, and CCL21), which can be produced by DC upon activation. In addition,(More)
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