Benoit Debord

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We report on the development of hypocycloidal-core kagome HC-PCF operating efficiently in the 450nm-650nm visible spectral range. Transmission loss as low as 70dB/km is achieved. Strong Raman comb generation and laser beam delivery are demonstrated.
Trapping or cooling molecules has rallied a long-standing effort for its impact in exploring new frontiers in physics and in finding new phase of matter for quantum technologies. Here we demonstrate a system for light-trapping molecules and stimulated Raman scattering based on optically self-nanostructured molecular hydrogen in hollow-core photonic crystal(More)
We report on the generation of wide Raman combs with over-five octaves bandwidth from the UV at 300 nm to the long-wavelength infrared at 12.5 &#x03BC;m. These combs are generated via transient stimulated Raman scattering in H<sub>2</sub>-filled inhibited coupling (IC) Kagome Hollow-Core Photonic Crystal Fiber pumped with high power picosecond fiber laser(More)
We report on 33 W picosecond pulse laser pumped Raman comb generation with fifty spectral lines over two frequency octaves from the visible to the near infrared range obtained in hydrogen-filled hypocycloid-core Kagome hollow core photonic crystal fibre HC-PCF.
We measure atomic polarization relaxation-time of Rb-loaded in different hypocycloidal-core Kagome HC-PCFs. The measured relaxation-time is two-orders of magnitude larger than the transit-time limit. We attribute this to slow-atom stronger contribution to the polarization build-up.
We compressed a high-energy SESAM-modelocked thin-disk laser using an Ar-filled Kagome-type HC-PCF: launching 41-&#x03BC;J, 1.17-ps pulses directly from a 3-MHz oscillator, we obtain 179-fs pulses at 100-W of average power, reaching 80% overall compression efficiency.
Strong self-compression of high energy femtosecond laser pulses was experimentally obtained in several hypocycloid-core kagome fibers and under different regimes. By tailoring the fiber properties, the maximum compression-ratio was scaled over 100-600 &#x03BC;J pulse energies.