Benoît Smets

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Continental rifts begin and develop through repeated episodes of faulting and magmatism, but strain partitioning between faulting and magmatism during discrete rifting episodes remains poorly documented. In highly evolved rifts, tensile stresses from far-field plate motions accumulate over decades before being released during relatively short time intervals(More)
Multidimensional Small Baseline Subset (MSBAS), methodology is used for integration of multiple InSAR data sets for computation of two or three dimensional time series of deformation. The method is applied to monitor ground deformation with high spatio-temporal resolution. The MSBAS approach allows combination of all possible air-borne and space-borne SAR(More)
A summit and upper flank eruption occurred at Nyamulagira volcano, Democratic Republic of Congo, from 2–27 January 2010. Eruptions at Nyamulagira during 1996–2010 occurred from eruptive fissures on the upper flanks or within the summit caldera and were distributed along the ~N155E rift zone, whereas the 2011–2012 eruption occurred ~12 km ENE of the summit.(More)
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