Benoît Sauzay

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In this position paper we describe the actual state of the development of an integrated set of tools (called EXCOM) for automatic semantic annotation. Annotation is generally used as an operation for marking textual segments to express some morphological and syntactic information. Establishing the semantic web on a large scale implies the widespread(More)
Semantic annotation of localization and identification relations falls under an immense project of automatic annotation of relations embodied in the platform EXCOM. While localization and identification relations have been defined by Applicative and Cognitive Grammar, they are described here from the perspective of language processing, based on contextual(More)
In one hand, the meaning of natural languages is often described with basic semantic features and a boolean composition of these features. However, this approach is not sufficient to describe more deeply the meaning of linguistic units. In the other hand, the semantic of computer languages often starts from Church’s λ-calculus and walks up to more(More)
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