Benoît Perrot

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Compiler construction is a widely used software engineering exercise, but because most students will not be compiler writers, care must be taken to make it relevant in a core curriculum. Auxiliary tools, such as generators and interpreters, often hinder the learning: students have to fight tool idiosyncrasies, mysterious errors, and other poorly educative(More)
The ability of neural networks to derive meaning from complicated or imprecise data make them a powerful tool to extract hidden correlations between patterns or to recognize noised patterns. This report is dedicated to the study of Multi-Layer Perceptrons (MLP) and Hopfield networks. In particular, two applications are detailed. MLP possibilities are(More)
Towards an object-oriented logic The aims of this report is to analyze existing solutions to express dependency between tasks, in order to formalize a powerful and reusable system of dependency expression. From " make " utility to Prolog, it collects the best of each well-known dependency schema in order to bring an object oriented flavor to first order(More)
We prove results of existence and approximation of the solutions of the convolution equations in spaces of entire functions of exponential type on infinite dimensional spaces. In particular we obtain: let £ be a complex, quasi-complete and dual nuclear locally convex space and Q a convex balanced open subset of E; let %(ü) be the space of the holomorphic(More)
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