Benoît Moreau

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In this work, some of the physicochemical properties of enzymatically prepared n-alkyl esters of glucuronic acid are presented. Two questions are addressed. The first concerns the influence of post-purification freeze-drying conditions on octyl glucuronate thermotropic behavior. Depending on the amount of water added before freeze-drying, the alpha/beta(More)
Phosphonate esters react with gamma-alumina under microwave (MW) irradiation; this reaction is a simple preparative method to graft organic pendant groups onto the surface of alumina; the efficiency of the grafting was readily checked by solid-state NMR techniques (31P and 27Al).
The Laser-Induced Incandescence (LII) is a relatively new technique: it was developed to characterize the soot volume fractions and the soot mean diameter in flames as well as in the Diesel engines. Two different approaches of the technique were previously used: the Time Resolved LII and the Spatial Resolved LII. Typically, the estimation of the soot volume(More)
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