Benoît Giffard

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This paper investigates terahertz detectors fabricated in a low-cost 130 nm silicon CMOS technology. We show that the detectors consisting of a nMOS field effect transistor as rectifying element and an integrated bow-tie coupling antenna achieve a record responsivity above 5 kV/W and a noise equivalent power below 10 pW/Hz(0.5) in the important atmospheric(More)
The high sensitivity of nanotube transistors is used for the first time as a probe to study charge dynamics at a dielectric/polymer (polythiophene) interface, an inorganic/organic junction of particular importance for organic solar cells, and organic field effect transistors (OFETs). A carbon nanotube field effect transistor is coated with a thin film of a(More)
A 3Mega-Pixel back illuminated image sensor in 1T5 architecture and 1.45μm pixel pitch has been successfully developed and characterized. A high quantum efficiency over 60% in the visible light spectrum and a low dark current of 1e/s at 25°C have been achieved due to dedicated frontside and backside process steps such as antireflective layer adaptation, p(More)
Phenomena of the radiation coupling to the field effect transistors based terahertz (THz) detectors are studied. We show that in the case of planar metal antennas a significant portion of incoming radiation, instead of being coupled to the transistors, is coupled to an antenna substrate leading to responsivity losses and/or cross-talk effects in the field(More)
Energy allocation strategies have been widely documented in insects and were formalized in the context of the reproduction process by the terms 'capital breeder' and 'income breeder'. We propose here the extension of this framework to dispersal ability, with the concepts of 'capital disperser' and 'income disperser', and explore the trade-off in resource(More)
This study deals with the perturbations that occur in a monolithic device: a MBS (MOS bidirectional switch) and its driver. A modeling of the parasitic coupling between the power part and the logic part is presented in the on-state. This leads to an analytical model that takes into account in its parameters the physical and geometrical specifications of the(More)
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