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The Common Object Request Broker Architecture (CORBA) is becoming a standard for distributed application middleware, and there are increasing needs for enriching the basic functionalities of CORBA. While mechanisms for persistence, transactions, event channels, etc., have been designed and specified for CORBA, no standard support is provided to handle(More)
This paper extends the failures detector approach from crash-stop failures to mute-ness failures. Muteness failures are malicious failures in which a process stops sending algorithm messages, but might continue to send other messages, e.g., "I-am-alive" messages. The paper presents both the speciication of a muteness failure detector, denoted by 3M A , and(More)
GARF is an object oriented system aimed to support the design and the programming of reliable distributed applications on top of a network of workstations. The speciicity of GARF resides in its incremental programming model, and its extensible library of generic components. In this paper, we rst give an overview of GARF. Then we assess its features with(More)
The growing reliance, in our daily lives, on services provided by distributed applications (e.g., air-traffic control, public switched telephone networks, electronic commerce, etc.) renders us vulnerable to the failures of these services. The challenge of fault tolerance consists in providing services that survive to the occurrence of failures. The design(More)
This paper draws several observations from our experiences in building support for object groups. These observations actually go beyond our experiences and may apply to many other developments of object based distributed systems.Our first experience aimed at building support for Smalltalk object replication using the Isis process group toolkit. It was quite(More)
This paper introduces the concept of location-based publish/subscribe (LPS), which allows mobile ad hoc applications to anonymously communicate with each other, depending on their locations. With this concept, publish/subscribe topics are typically expressed in a dynamic manner including proximity criteria, e.g., "I subscribe to all events on topic T(More)
Separating different aspects of a program, and encapsulating them inside well defined modules, is considered a good engineering discipline. This discipline is particularly desirable in the development of distributed agreement algorithms which are known to be difficult and error prone. For such algorithms, one aspect that is important to encapsulate is(More)
This paper presents the design and implementation of the GARF system, an object-oriented platform that helps programming fault-tolerant distributed applications in a modular way. The originality of GARF is to separate a distributed object into several objects, the complexity of distribution and fault-tolerance being encapsulated in reusable classes. The use(More)