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Carotenoids are colored pigments forming the basis of many avian social traits. Before their utilization carotenoids must be acquired through diet and mobilized for specific uses. The relationships between carotenoid-based coloration, circulating carotenoids and body condition have been well studied in adult birds, but little is known in nestlings. Here, we(More)
Pseudobulweria is one of the least known and most endangered of all seabird genera. It comprises six taxa, of which two are extinct, three are critically endangered and one is near threatened. Phylogenetic relationships between these taxa and position of the genus in the Order Procellariiformes have never been studied, and the taxonomic status of several(More)
Seabird life-history traits such as long generation time, low annual fecundity and delayed sexual maturation make them more prone to population loss and consequently to extinction; petrels are indeed amongst the most threatened birds. Based on coalescence and multiloci inference this study examines the extent of genetic differentiation of a vulnerable New(More)
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