Benoît Fraikin

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This paper compares six model checkers (Alloy, cadp, fdr2, NuSMV, ProB, Spin) for the validation of information system specifications. The same case study (a library system) is specified using each model checker. Fifteen properties of various types are checked using temporal logics (CTL and LTL), first-order logic and failure-divergence (fdr2). Three(More)
This article presents the main features of the APIS project that addresses the rapid development of information systems from formal specifications. Information systems are specified using EB, a trace-based formal language. The sequences of input events accepted by the system are described with a process algebra; they represent the valid traces of the(More)
This paper presents a universal ontology for smart environments aiming to overcome the limitations of the existing ontologies. We enrich our ontology by adding new environmental aspects such as the referentiality and environmental change, that can be used to describe domains as well as applications. We show through a case study how our ontology is used and(More)
This paper describes an adaptation of statecharts to take advantage of process algebra operators like those found in CSP and EB3. The resulting notation is called algebraic state transition diagrams (ASTDs). The process algebra operators considered include sequence, iteration, parallel composition, and quantified synchronization. Quantification is one of(More)
Safety is a major challenge in developing assistive software for people with special needs in smart houses. INOVUS is an ongoing project about safety issues of cooking activities. This paper presents the INOVUS project and highlights lacks in current software development processes to meet safety requirements in pervasive computing. In the INOVUS project, we(More)
This paper shows how to take advantage of a SAT-solving approach in the development of safety control software systems for manufacturing plants. In particular, it demonstrates how to construct reusable components which are assembled after instantiation to derive controllers of modular production systems. An experiment has been conducted with Alloy not only(More)