Benoît Desrochers

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Although it has been widely assumed that mammals with frontally placed eyes have stereoscopic vision, there is actually a paucity of supporting evidence. We have measured monocular and binocular depth perception in the meerkat (Suricata suricatta), obtaining strong evidence for the presence of stereopsis. The data provide additional evidence for the(More)
This article depicts an algorithm which matches the output of a Lidar with an initial terrain model to estimate the absolute pose of a robot. Initial models do not perfectly fit the reality and the acquired data set can contain an unknown, and potentially large, proportion of outliers. We present an interval based algorithm that copes with such conditions,(More)
Contractor algebra is a numerical tool based on interval analysis which makes it possible to solve many nonlinear problems arising in robotics, such as identification, path planning or robust control. This paper presents the new notion of separators which is a pair of complementary contractors and presents the corresponding algebra. Using the separator(More)
This papers shows that using separators, which is a pair of two complementary contractors, we can easily and efficiently solve the localization problem of a robot with sonar measurements in an unstruc-tured environment. We introduce separators associated with the Minkowski sum and the Minkowski difference in order to facilitate the resolution. A test-case(More)
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