Benoît Charlot

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<i>This paper illustrates an approach to design and validation of heterogeneous systems. The emphasis is placed on devices which incorporate MEMS parts in either a single mixed-technology (CMOS</i> + <i>micromachining) SOC device, or alternatively as a hybrid system with the MEMS part in a separate chip. The design flow is general, and it is illustrated for(More)
This paper presents the applicability of a cosimulation methodology based on an object-oriented simulation environment, to multi-domain and multi-language systems design. This methodology starts with a system model given as a netlist of heterogeneous components and enables the systematic generation of simulation models for multi-domain and multi-language(More)
Infrastructures to provide access to custom integrated hardware manufacturing facilities are important because they allow Students and Researchers to access professional facilities at a reasonable cost, and they allow Companies to access small volume production, otherwise difficult to obtain directly from manufacturers. This paper is reviewing the most(More)