Benoît Chachuat

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This paper presents a decomposition approach for a quite general class of mixed-integer dynamic optimization problems that is capable of guaranteeing a global solution despite the nonconvexities inherent to the dynamic optimization subproblems. A case study is presented in connection to the optimal design and operation of a batch process consisting of a(More)
The study presents dynamic optimisation of a small size single basin wastewater treatment plant. The objectives are to determine an optimal sequence of aeration/non-aeration times so that for a typical diurnal pattern of disturbances, the effluent constraints are respected, the plant remains in periodical steady state, and energy consumption is minimised.(More)
In this paper we propose a methodology to determine the structure of the pseudo-stoichiometric coefficient matrix K in a mass balance based model, i.e. the maximal number of biomasses that must be taken into account to reproduce an available data set. It consists in estimating the number of reactions that must be taken into account to represent the main(More)
The TELEMAC project brings new methodologies from the Information and Science Technologies field to the world of water treatment. TELEMAC offers an advanced remote management system which adapts to most of the anaerobic wastewater treatment plants that do not benefit from a local expert in wastewater treatment. The TELEMAC system takes advantage of new(More)
Fuel cell based systems are a promising alternative to batteries in man-portable power generation applications. These micro power generation processes must operate fully autonomously and automatically without the intervention of operators. Operational considerations are indeed so important that they influence the optimal design, following the paradigm of(More)
In the intracellular signaling networks that regulate important cell processes, the base pattern comprises the cycle of reversible phosphorylation of a protein, catalyzed by kinases and opposing phosphatases. Mathematical modeling and analysis have been used for gaining a better understanding of their functions and to capture the rules governing system(More)