Benoît Chachuat

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This paper presents a decomposition approach for a quite general class of mixed-integer dynamic optimization problems that is capable of guaranteeing a global solution despite the nonconvexities inherent to the dynamic optimization subproblems. A case study is presented in connection to the optimal design and operation of a batch process consisting of a(More)
This paper presents a branch-and-lift algorithm for solving optimal control problems with smooth nonlinear dynamics and potentially nonconvex objective and constraint functionals to guaranteed global optimality. This algorithm features a direct sequential method and builds upon a generic, spatial branch-and-bound algorithm. A new operation, called lifting,(More)
Bayesian Optimization (BO) is a data-efficient method for global black-box optimization of an expensive-to-evaluate fitness function. BO typically assumes that computation cost of BO is cheap, but experiments are time consuming or costly. In practice, this allows us to optimize ten or fewer critical parameters in up to 1,000 experiments. But experiments may(More)
— This paper presents a novel algorithm for bounding the reachable set of parametric nonlinear differential equations. This algorithm is based on a first-discretize-then-bound approach to enclose the reachable set via propagation of a Taylor model with ellipsoidal remainder, and it accounts for truncation errors that are inherent to the discretization. In(More)