Benoît Chachuat

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For good performance in practice, real-time optimization schemes need to be able to deal with the inevitable plant-model mismatch problem. Unlike the two-step schemes combining parameter estimation and optimization, the modifier-adaptation approach does not require the model parameters to be estimated on-line. Instead, it uses information regarding the(More)
Theory and implementation for the global optimization of a wide class of algorithms is presented via convex/affine relaxations. The basis for the proposed relaxations is the systematic construction of subgradients for the convex relaxations of factorable functions by McCormick [Math. Prog., 10 (1976), pp. 147–175]. Similar to the convex relaxation, the(More)
Challenges in real-time process optimization mainly arise from the inability to build and adapt accurate models for complex physico-chemical processes. This paper surveys different ways of using measurements to compensate for model uncertainty in the context of process optimization. Three approaches can be distinguished according to the quantities that are(More)
The TELEMAC project brings new methodologies from the Information and Science Technologies field to the world of water treatment. TELEMAC offers an advanced remote management system which adapts to most of the anaerobic wastewater treatment plants that do not benefit from a local expert in wastewater treatment. The TELEMAC system takes advantage of new(More)
This paper presents a discretize-then-relaxmethod to construct convex/concave bounds for the solutions of a wide class of parametric nonlinear ODEs. The algorithm builds upon Taylor model methods recently developed for verified solution of parametric ODEs. To enable the propagation of convex/concave state bounds, a new type of Taylor model is introduced, in(More)
Coupling an anaerobic digester to a microalgal culture has received increasing attention as an alternative process for combined bioenergy production and depollution. In this article, a dynamic model for anaerobic digestion of microalgae is developed with the aim of improving the management of such a coupled system. This model describes the dynamics of(More)
This paper presents a decomposition approach for a quite general class of mixed-integer dynamic optimization problems that is capable of guaranteeing a global solution despite the nonconvexities inherent to the dynamic optimization subproblems. A case study is presented in connection to the optimal design and operation of a batch process consisting of a(More)
This paper presents a branch-and-lift algorithm for solving optimal control problems with smooth nonlinear dynamics and potentially nonconvex objective and constraint functionals to guaranteed global optimality. This algorithm features a direct sequential method and builds upon a generic, spatial branch-and-bound algorithm. A new operation, called lifting,(More)
The focus of this chapter is on describing procedures for the optimal design and operation of man-portable power generation processes. For a given power demand, or a power demand varying in a specified range, the design and operation problem is to determine values of the design variables (e.g., sizes of the individual components such as fuel processing(More)