Benoît Carpentier

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Hematocrit (Hct) of awake hamsters and CD-1 mice was acutely increased by isovolemic exchange transfusion of packed red blood cells (RBCs) to assess the relation between Hct and blood pressure. Increasing Hct 7-13% of baseline decreased mean arterial blood pressure (MAP) by 13 mmHg. Increasing Hct above 19% reversed this trend and caused MAP to rise above(More)
T-cell activation is a key event in the immune system, involving the interaction of several receptor ligand pairs in a complex intercellular contact that forms between T-cell and antigen-presenting cells. Molecular components implicated in contact formation have been identified, but the mechanism of activation and the link between molecular interactions and(More)
Specific modulation of motor unit discharge for a similar change in fascicle length during shortening and lengthening contractions in humans. Age-related fatigability of the ankle dorsiflexor muscles during concentric and eccentric contractions. Voluntary activation during maximal contraction with advancing age: a brief review. and spinal modulation of(More)
Intraspinal drug delivery systems are becoming increasingly utilized for the management of patients with pain or spasticity. Numerous potential complications associated with the use of this technology have previously been described in the literature. We have had experience with a new complication of the internal alarm being triggered by the instillation of(More)
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