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The ultimate goal of grid technologies is to materialize the vision of grids as virtual supercomputers of unprecedented power, through utilization of geographically disperse distributively owned resources. Despite the overwhelming success of grids in running pleasantly parallel tasks, there still exists a large set of demanding applications considered the(More)
Acknowledgments I would like to express gratitude to the following people who helped me so much in completing the master degree. for their valuable guidance and support throughout every stage of the work, for sharing their vast knowledge and experience. Thanks for willing to make time for me, despite more than a handful of other obligations. David Carmeli(More)
Many people have made this work possible through their teaching, advise, support, and shared effort. First and foremost I would like to thank my dear wife, Ira Shtern, for her support and patience. None of this would have been possible without you. Many thanks to my co-authors Werner Dub-itzky, and Pavel Bar as well as our scientific editor Sharon Kessler(More)
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