Benny Shanon

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Consider question (i), and the answers to it, (2)-(h)~ (i) Where is the Empire State Building? (2) In New York. (h) On 3hth Street and 3rd Avenue. When (i) is posed in California (2) is the appropriate answer to it. This is the case even though (3) and (h) are also true characterizations of the location of the Empire State Building. The pattern of(More)
Subjects were timed as they judged whether items presented to them were words or not. In one experiment responses to nouns and verbs were compared, in a second experiment ones to concrete and abstract nouns were compared. In both experiments responses to pronounceable and non-pronounceable non-words were also compared. By and large, no significant main(More)
Musicians and non-musicians, male and females, were presented with different selections of classical music, both mono- and poly-instrumental, under stereophonic conditions which allowed them to reverse the left-right distribution of the auditory material. The musicians preferred the leading (usually the high) voice to be heard by the left ear; the effect(More)