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This article proposes several improvements to an adaptive fingerprint enhancement method that is based on contextual filtering. The term adaptive implies that parameters of the method are automatically adjusted based on the input fingerprint image. Five processing blocks comprise the adaptive fingerprint enhancement method, where four of these blocks are(More)
— A real-time Digital Signal Processor (DSP) based implementation of a subband beamforming algorithm and its evaluation for dual microphone speech enhancement is presented. The algorithm, a calibrated constrained beamformer, is described theoretically and a real-time structure is proposed, including an efficient approach for multichannel data(More)
— This paper presents and evaluates a hybrid implementation of a low complexity algorithm for speech enhancement, the Adaptive Gain Equalizer (AGE). The AGE is a subband based time domain method for instantaneous boosting of speech. By combination of digital analysis and analog synthesis, main advantages of the digital domain and the analog domain are(More)
paper has been peer-reviewed but may not include the final publisher proof-corrections or journal pagination. Access to the published version may require subscription. Abstract—This paper presents a theoretical analysis of a certain criterion for complex-valued independent component analysis (ICA) with a focus on blind speech extraction (BSE) of a(More)