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We present a fully online randomized algorithm for the classical pattern matching problem that uses merely O(log m) space, breaking the O(m) barrier that held for this problem for a long time. Our method can be used as a tool in many practical applications, including monitoring Internet traffic and firewall applications. In our online model we first receive(More)
We present a deterministic black box solution for online approximate matching. Given a pattern of length m and a streaming text of length n that arrives one character at a time, the task is to report the distance between the pattern and a sliding window of the text as soon as the new character arrives. Our solution requires O(Σ log 2 m j=1 T (n, 2 j−1)/n)(More)
We consider a class of pattern matching problems where a normalising transformation is applied at every alignment. Normalised pattern matching plays a key role in fields as diverse as image processing and musical information processing where application specific transformations are often applied to the input. By considering the class of polynomial(More)