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Event-related potentials (ERPs) were used to assess the relative contribution of task-related decision-making processes to the repetition effect at Lags 0 and 15. Electrophysiological activity was recorded from 16 subjects in two tasks. Task A required a lexical decision: subjects were instructed to silently count infrequently occurring nonwords in a list(More)
The influence of increasing doses of doxorubicin on the heart was examined in 30 patients with solid tumors, M-mode echocardiography being used to evaluate left ventricular contractility. The function of the left ventricle remained normal in 26 subjects, whereas four patients had evidence of cardiotoxicity after cumulative doses of 220, 380, 420, and 450(More)
59 patients with suspected infective endocarditis on a natural valve were studied by M-Mode echocardiography to determine the specificity of the ultrasonic technique in detecting valvular vegetations. All echocardiograms were read independently by two observers who were unaware of the final diagnosis. Among 40 patients who later proved not to have infective(More)
BACKGROUND We recently reported a high technical and 30-day clinical success rate among the first 100 patients treated with the tubular, serpentine design, stainless steel, balloon-expandable stent (beStent) in Israel. The present study examined the clinical results in these patients after the first year. METHODS Seventy-eight men and 22 women were(More)
The beStent-Artist coronary stent is a newly developed, stainless steel coronary stent with a serpentine tubular design and terminal stent markers, premounted on a semicompliant balloon. During this pilot evaluation we aimed to test the acute clinical and angiographic results, short-term (30 days) and 6-month clinical results. A total of 57 stents were used(More)
We describe a newborn infant with concealed ventricular preexcitation in sinus rhythm on the early ECGs, and who developed recurrent episodes of preexcited reciprocating tachycardia. Manifestation of the ventricular preexcitation and initiation of the tachycardias were dependent on the presence of severe conduction disturbances in the normal(More)
The contribution of M-mode echocardiography to cardiac diagnosis was evaluated in a series of 1,000 successive patients. Among subjects in whom a presumptive clinical diagnosis had been made, echocardiography demonstrated totally unexpected findings in 10 per cent, supported the clinical diagnosis in 50 per cent and was entirely within normal limits in 19(More)
UNLABELLED Initial intra-aortic balloon pump (IABP) catheters were of large caliber and their utilization resulted in a high incidence of complications, including limb ischemia, bleeding and thrombosis, peripheral neurologic sequelae, and infection. Despite eventual decrease in the size of IABP catheters, the complication rate has remained high. (More)