Benny Mathew

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The dot com era ushered in a number of industry standard load testing tools. While there is no doubt that these tools have helped improve the quality of IT systems, performance testing in the IT industry is far from steady state. There are still severe gaps between performance test results and production systems performance in IT projects. This paper(More)
Molecular Dynamics (MD) is a computational technique with applicability in fields as diverse as material science, biomolecules and chemical physics. These applications are computationally intensive and massively parallel in nature and ideal candidate to exploit capabilities Intel Xeon Phi co-processor and Nvidia's Tesla GPU accelerators. In this work, we(More)
Performance testing of a multi-tiered Web application in real WAN is not a trivial job. In this circumstance a tool which brings WAN cloud to a local area network makes the life of a developer/tester easier. However, mere emulation of WAN inside a LAN does not help a tester, unless he gets to know the performance of the applications in some numbers.(More)
Arriving at an optimal schedule for the staff and determining their required skills in a call centre is imperative to balance the conflicting requirements of delightful customer experience, high employee satisfaction and low cost. Due to the complex nature of modern call centres, simulation modelling is increasingly being used to predict their performance.(More)
In this paper, we describe an automatic peoplecounting system based on a wireless sensor network at a mountain area. Several people-counting systems have been proposed separately. However, these systems are not suitable to a place such as the mountain area because of a few problems. In this paper, we develop a system which can count the number of visiting(More)
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