Benny Goldberg

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Eighty questionnaires were sent to parents and/or caregivers of autistic persons diagnosed between 1960-73 at CPRI, a regional assessment and treatment centre. The objective was to determine their present place of residence, functioning ability, language development, program involvement, and seizure activity. The results of this study support evidence that(More)
There is not a great deal of empirical research on adolescent sex offenders and even less on mentally retarded adolescent sex offenders. This study provides some preliminary data in this area. Results of a survey of the extent and types of sexual problems evident amongst groups of mentally retarded and intellectually normal adolescents (N = 196), seen at an(More)
In two fascinating articles, Machery, Mallon, Nichols, and Stich [2004, forthcoming] use experimental methods to raise a specter of doubt about reliance on intuitions in developing theories of reference which are then deployed in philosophical arguments outside the philosophy of language. Machery et al. ran a cross-cultural survey asking Western and East(More)
It is not uncommon to find assumptions being made about folk psychology in the discussions of phenomenal consciousness in philosophy of mind. In this article I consider one example, focusing on what Dan Dennett says about the “folk theory of consciousness.” I show that he holds that the folk believe that qualities like colors that we are acquainted with in(More)
The results of a study of the use of intermediate care beds in the intermediate care facility (ICF) of the Yale Health Plan, a prepaid group practice plan for students and an enrolled non-student population, indicate that the ICF may be a possible model for other health maintenance organizations. The ICF, with 30 beds in active use, is located in the Yale(More)