Benny Dilmoney

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Knowledge on the forces acting on a woman's breast and on the mechanical properties of the breast tissues is important for studying the effects of plastic surgery techniques for breast reconstruction as well as for the design of cosmetic breast implants. Surprisingly, there are no data in the literature regarding mechanical loads on the breast tissues(More)
The generation of emboli during cardiopulmonary bypass (CPB) is profoundly affected by the hemodynamic properties of the aortic cannula used in the current study. The aim of the current work was to numerically investigate the hemodynamic efficiency and feasibility of a novel, backward suction cannula (BSC), designed to drastically reduce the potential risk(More)
Cerebral emboli originating in the ascending aorta are a major cause of noncardiac complications following cardiac surgery. The hemodynamics of the aortic cannula has been proven to play a significant role in emboli generation and distribution. The aim of the current study was to perform a thorough numerical investigation in order to examine the effect of(More)
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