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This paper concerns the discovery of patterns in gene expression matrices, in which each element gives the expression level of a given gene in a given experiment. Most existing methods for pattern discovery in such matrices are based on clustering genes by comparing their expression levels in all experiments, or clustering experiments by comparing their(More)
We give cryptographic schemes that help trace the source of leaks when sensitive or proprietary data is made available to a large set of parties. A very relevant application is in the context of pay television, where only paying customers should be able to view certain programs. In this application, the programs are normally encrypted, and then the(More)
We introduce a general model for physical sources or weak randomness. Loosely speaking, we view physical sources as devices which output strings according to probability distributions in which no single string is too probable. The main question addressed is whether it is possible to extract alrnost unbiased random bits from such "probability bounded"(More)
Acknowledgements First, a very special thanks is due to Oded Goldreich, my advisor. On top of being an expert on experts, and a dear friend, he is a devoted advisor, far beyond the ordinary. Oded has the special property of always searching for the crux of any matter, and disgustedly ridding himself of the rest. Once he sets his mind to a particular goal,(More)
Verifiable secret sharing is a cryptographic protocol that allows one to break a secret in 11 pieccs and publicly distribute thcln to 11 people so that tile secret is reconstructible given only sufficiently many pieces. 'rhe novelty is that everyone can verify that all received a "valid" piece of the secret without having any idea of what the secret is. One(More)