Benny Bürger

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As mutations at codon 12 of the Ki-ras oncogene have been shown to occur in 90% of pancreatic adenocarcinomas, a novel strategy for the detection of these mutations in pancreatic secretions obtained at routine endoscopies was developed. Ki-ras DNA was amplified and screened for the presence of mutations at codon 12 with a combination of different rapid,(More)
This paper presents a real-time capable graphics processing unit (GPU)-based ultrasound simulator suitable for medical education. The main focus of the simulator is to synthesize realistic looking ultrasound images in real-time including artifacts, which are essential for the interpretation of this data. The simulation is based on a convolution-enhanced(More)
Particle tracking is a widespread research question for quantitative biology. In contrast to other approaches, we developed a local greedy technique based on the Kalman filter. To overcome the problem of guessing the first state of a particle, the algorithm runs iteratively in forward and backward direction. The algorithm was successfully tested with(More)
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