Benno Woelfing

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An adaptive immune response is usually initiated only if a major histocompatibility complex (MHC) molecule presents pathogen-derived peptides to T-cells. Every MHC molecule can present only peptides that match its peptide-binding groove. Thus, it seems advantageous for an individual to express many different MHC molecules to be able to resist many different(More)
Evolutionary game dynamics describes how successful strategies spread in a population. In well-mixed populations, the usual assumption, e.g. underlying the replicator dynamics, is that individuals obtain a payoff from interactions with a representative sample of the population. This determines their fitness. Here, we analyze a situation in which payoffs are(More)
In Central Europe, protected areas are too small to ensure survival of populations of large carnivores. In the surrounding areas, these species are often persecuted due to competition with game hunters. Therefore, understanding how predation intensity varies spatio-temporally across areas with different levels of protection is fundamental. We investigated(More)
Prey selection is a key factor shaping animal populations and evolutionary dynamics. An optimal forager should target prey that offers the highest benefits in terms of energy content at the lowest costs. Predators are therefore expected to select for prey of optimal size. Stalking predators do not pursue their prey long, which may lead to a more random(More)
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