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—The design of embedded hardware/software systems is often subject to strict requirements concerning its various aspects, including real-time performance, power consumption, and die area. Especially for data intensive applications, the number of memory accesses is a dominant factor for these aspects. In order to meet the requirements and design a(More)
—The 2PARMA project focuses on the development of parallel programming models and run-time resource management techniques to exploit the features of many-core processor architectures. The main goals of the 2PARMA project are: the definition of a parallel programming model combining component-based and single-instruction multiple-thread approaches,(More)
Streaming media distribution is a rapidly growing application. The increasing number of broadband internet subscribers, the growing market for smart in-home networks and the upcoming broadband mobile phone networks encourage this trend. In addition , the number of multimedia enabled mobile devices such as PDAs, smart embedded devices and notebooks is(More)
—Real-time applications, hard or soft, are raising the challenge of unpredictability. This is an extremely difficult problem in the context of modern, dynamic, multiprocessor platforms which, while providing potentially high performance, make the task of timing prediction extremely difficult. Also, with the growing software content in embedded systems and(More)