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BACKGROUND Pyoderma gangrenosum (PG) is a rarely diagnosed ulcerative neutrophilic dermatosis with unknown origin that has been poorly characterized in clinical studies so far. Consequently there have been significant discussions about its associated factors and comorbidities. The aim of our multicenter study was to analyze current data from patients in(More)
Enlargement of the male mammary gland is termed gynaecomastia. Diagnosis and treatment of this andrological disorder usually fall to dermatologists, surgeons and primary care physicians. Gynaecomastia is found in men of different ages with frequency. The harmless pubertal gynaecomastia is as frequent as gynaecomastia of the elderly. Other forms are caused(More)
BACKGROUND Phlebologic diseases have become extremely common and have major socio-economic impact. However, the percentage of dermatologists working in phlebology appears to be decreasing according to the data of the German Society of Phlebology (DGP). METHODS To investigate the reasons for this development, we--on behalf of the DGP--sent a questionnaire(More)
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