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Isotretinoin is considered to be a safe and effective therapy in otherwise therapy-resistant acne. Elevated serum creatine phosphokinase values with or without muscle-related symptoms in isotretinoin-treated patients have been reported and interpreted as benign phenomena, lethal cases have not been described yet. We present the case of a 20-year-old male(More)
For the clinical diagnosis of non-accidental craniocerebral trauma in children there are different recommendations and guidelines, which are not completely consistent. Depending on the examiner, the focus may be on therapeutic relevance, minimization of the exposure to radiation or potential conclusions as to the course of events. Under certain(More)
The abuse of drugs such as street cocaine is known to cause a variety of toxic effects, some of which involve the lungs and often induce lethal complications. While the toxicity of cocaine itself is reviewed well, the influence of toxic effects of its adulterants on the human body is not thoroughly studied. Therefore, we examined heart blood, femoral vein(More)
BACKGROUND Perphenazine is an old phenothiazine antipsychotic with a potency similar to haloperidol. It has been used for many years and is popular in the northern European countries and Japan. OBJECTIVES To examine the clinical effects and safety of perphenazine for those with schizophrenia and schizophrenia-like psychoses. SEARCH METHODS We updated(More)
The acute toxicity of cannabinoids is said to be low and there is little public awareness of the potentially hazardous cardiovascular effects of cannabis, e.g. marked increase in heart rate or supine blood pressure. We describe the cases of two young, putative healthy men who died unexpectedly under the acute influence of cannabinoids. To our knowledge,(More)
To determine the threshold for the absolute inability to ride a bicycle, practical cycling tests and medical examinations at different blood alcohol concentrations were performed. Special attention was given to additional medical examinations, reaction tests and alcohol consumption under real-life conditions. Seventy-eight test subjects were included in the(More)
Thyroid hormones are sometimes used for purposes for which they are not approved. Reasons for off-label use can be overweight, prevailing depressive mood, or various somatic symptoms. Information about the intake of thyroid hormones in order to lose weight can be easily obtained from inappropriate/nonmedical websites. The objective of this case report is to(More)
To investigate the effects of alcohol on the ability to ride a bicycle, practical cycling tests were carried out at different blood alcohol concentrations (BAC). For this purpose, various alcoholic beverages could be consumed from around 2 p.m. until 11 p.m. Afterwards, the test persons spent the night on the trial site and were provided with dormitory(More)
To examine the effects of alcohol regarding the fitness required to ride a bicycle, practical cycling tests, accompanied by medical examinations, were carried out at different blood alcohol concentrations. Seventy-eight persons were included in the trials (41 males, 37 females). Eighty-three evaluable trials were obtained. Men committed less coordinative(More)
BACKGROUND Perazine is an old phenothiazine derivative used for the treatment of people with schizophrenia and is reputed to have a low level of extrapyramidal adverse effects. As far as we are aware, its use is limited to Germany, Poland, the former Yugoslavia and the Netherlands. OBJECTIVES To examine the effects of perazine for those with schizophrenia(More)