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This study determined the accuracy of standard radiographs in observing radiolucency adjacent to the tibial component in total knee arthroplasty. A model of the proximal tibia was used. Plastic sleeves of different heights were glued under the tibial tray to imitate radiolucency. By tilting the x-ray tube 1degrees at a time, an investigation was performed(More)
Renal failure after an overdose of chlorprothixene has been attributed to a direct nephrotoxic effect of the drug. We report a carefully investigated case. No evidence of specific nephrotoxicity was revealed and we suggest that the renal failure is due to ischaemia during a transitory syncope, a well known side-effect of chlorprothixene.
A comparison was carried out regarding peritoneal dialysis using acetate in preference to lactate as the buffer anion in the dialysis solution. The investigation was made with 5 patients on long-term peritoneal dialysis once a week, first for 5 weeks with dialysis solution containing acetate and then, correspondingly, 5 dialyses with peritoneal solution(More)
CT of the pelvis was made after i.v. administration of 100 ml Omnipaque (300 mg I/ml) in 8 patients. The 1st series postcontrast was obtained dynamically and the 2nd 5 to 15 min after injection. Postcontrast enhancement of the prostate was shown in all patients. Dynamic contrast-enhanced CT was better than delayed postcontrast CT in showing the zonal(More)
PURPOSE To prospectively evaluate the interobserver agreement in US examination of the gallbladder and the biliary tract performed by an experienced and a novice radiologist. MATERIAL AND METHODS Fifty consecutive patients underwent US examination because of clinically suspected gallstones. The examination was performed by a consultant and a trainee(More)
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