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Mediation by Obfuscation: the Resolution of the Marseille Crisis, October 1934 to May 1935
The year I934 was notable not only for the intense diplomatic activity throughout Europe that followed Hitler's coming to power but also for a spate of political assassinations.' Among the victimsExpand
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The Hungarian People's Republic
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Regionalism and Integration in Eastern Europe
Few regions of the world have been prey to such protracted tension and alternation between centrifugal and centripetal forces as has Eastern Europe, a geopolitical configuration that in contemporaryExpand
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History of Transylvania
These volumes of a three-volume history of Transylvania are designed to present Transylvanian history in a European context and with due attention to Transylvania's links to Hungary, the HabsburgExpand
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The new European diasporas : national minorities and conflict in Eastern Europe
This text places the movements of borders, not peoples, at the heart of social and racial conflict in Eastern Europe throughout the 20th century. It argues that the political upheavals of the 1900sExpand
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Of Walls and Bridges: The United States and Eastern Europe.
In this ambitious work, Bennett Kovrig lucidly traces the economic, political and ideological developments that have characterized U.S. relations with Eastern Europe since World War II. KovrigExpand
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The Life of a Communist Revolutionary, Bela Kun.
A biography of the leader of the 1919 Hungarian Soviet Republic, who was a leading Stalinist functionary until he fell victim to one of Stalin's purges in 1938.
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