Bennett C. Nwanguma

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Male Wistar albino rats were fed for 21 days on a diet in which fat (12%) was included either as fresh corn oil, malonaldehyde content = 0.11+/-0.05 micro microg/g (control) or thermally oxidized corn oil, malonaldehyde content = 0.20+/-0.03 microg/g (experimental) and the tissue levels of lipid peroxides in six organs-namely, liver, kidney, brain, heart,(More)
BACKGROUND Bread has been identified as a major contributor to the excessive salt (sodium chloride) intake of consumers in many countries, some of which have very high incidences of hypertension and related cardiovascular complications, such as stroke. This has prompted a global rise in interest in the salt content of breads produced and consumed in many(More)
A cationic class III peroxidase from Sorghum bicolor was purified to homogeneity. The enzyme contains a high-spin heme, as evidenced by UV–visible spectroscopy and EPR. Steady state oxidation of guaiacol was demonstrated and the enzyme was shown to have higher activity in the presence of calcium ions. A FeIII/FeII reduction potential of −266 mV vs NHE was(More)
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