Bennani Amal

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UNLABELLED Primary leiomyosarcomas of the thyroid gland are extremely rare. we report a case of a 72 year-old women with a painful growing mass of the left neck with skin fistula. The patient underwent a lobectomy. The tumor histology showed spindle-shaped cells arranged in interlacing fascicles that expressed desmine and H-caldesmone, but were negative for(More)
L'adénocarcinome mésonéphrique du vagin est une tumeur maligne extrêmement rare avec uniquement trois cas publiés dans la littérature jusqu'à maintenant. Il dérive des reliquats embryonnaires des canaux mésonéphriques au niveau du vagin. Nous rapportons un cas d'adénocarcinome mésonéphrique du vagin survenant chez une femme de 50 ans, et révélé par une(More)
Introduction: Malignant melanoma (MM) represents 1% of all cancers and has an incidence of 3% 7% in the female genital tract, the majority of cases being reported in the vulva. The cervico-vaginal region is an unusual primary location of the malignant melanoma. Case report: The clinical and morphologic findings of 3 MM patients with cervico-vaginal tumours(More)
Respiratory epithelial adenomatoid hamartoma (REAH) is an uncommon lesion of the upper aerodigestive tract first described by Wenig and Heffner in 1995 as prominent glandular proliferations lined by ciliated respiratory epithelium originating from the surface epithelium. Case Report: We report a case of 48-year-old women with nasal polyposis history, which(More)
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