Benn Smith

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Nine patients with clinically diagnosed, radiologically supported primary lateral sclerosis underwent cognitive testing. None was demented, but eight had mild cognitive impairment. Performances were most consistently impaired on neuropsychological tests sensitive to frontal lobe functions, followed by tests sensitive to memory. Cognitive testing may be(More)
We studied motor unit changes in 20 patients with Parkinson's disease (PD) and 20 age-matched control subjects to look for evidence of motorneuron degeneration in sporadic idiopathic PD. Patients and control subjects were screened by clinical criteria and nerve conduction studies to exclude those with peripheral neuropathic processes. Changes in motor unit(More)
BACKGROUND An underlying cause is found in only 7% to 30% of patients with chronic idiopathic axonal polyneuropathy (CIAP). Diabetes mellitus, inherited disorders, toxin exposure, and primary amyloidosis are the most common identified causes of sensory neuropathies affecting both large and small myelinated fibers. Undiagnosed impaired fasting glucose(More)
We present a comprehensive study of the use of generative modeling approaches for Multiple-Instance Learning (MIL) problems. In MIL a learner receives training instances grouped together into bags with labels for the bags only (which might not be correct for the comprised instances). Our work was motivated by the task of facilitating the diagnosis of(More)
To provide reference values for the oculomotor nerve, for example, fascicular area and myelinated fiber (MF) number and size distribution, in pathological states, and to determine whether oculomotor nerves from diabetic patients without a history of oculomotor palsy have subclinical structural alterations, the morphometric features of 15 control subjects(More)
INTRODUCTION Despite improvement in the computational capabilities of visual displays in flight simulators, intersensory visual-vestibular conflict remains the leading cause of simulator sickness (SS). By using galvanic vestibular stimulation (GVS), the vestibular system can be synchronized with a moving visual field in order to lessen the mismatch of(More)
The structure of motor unit potentials (MUPs) and their times of occurrence provide information about the motor units (MUs) that created them. As such, electromyographic (EMG) data can be used to categorize muscles as normal or suffering from a neuromuscular disease. Using pattern discovery (PD) allows clinicians to understand the rationale underlying a(More)
There has been a significant increase over recent years in the use of contact heat evoked potentials (CHEPs) for the evaluation of small nerve fiber function. Measuring CHEP amplitude and latency has clinical utility for the diagnosis and assessment of conditions with neuropathic pain. This international multicenter study aimed to provide reference values(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with lower extremity sensory symptoms and pain but without clinical or standard neurophysiological examination abnormalities may have a small fiber neuropathy. Skin biopsy with intraepidermal nerve fiber density (IENFD) assessment has been promoted as a diagnostic tool for such patients. OBJECTIVES To evaluate the diagnostic utility of(More)
Peripheral neuropathy is a common neurologic disorder, affecting 2% to 8% of the population in population-based studies with confirmation by neurologist examination. These prevalence numbers are remarkably stable across developed countries. In 1999, 8.6% of Medicare beneficiaries had neuropathy as a primary or secondary diagnosis, and the cost of treatment(More)