Benliang Liang

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Ultra high performance concretes (UHPCs) are cementitious composite materials with high level of performance characterized by high compressive strength, high tensile strength and superior durability, reached by low water-to-binder ratio, optimized aggregate size distribution, thermal activation, and fiber reinforcement. In the past couple of decades, more(More)
More and more high-rise buildings had been constructed in Shanghai. Structure seismic design is becoming more and more difficult because of the increasing of structure height and structure style complexity. In order to promote seismic design of high-rise buildings, share the experience and design data, it is necessary to build an information system. In this(More)
The design information of the high-rise buildings in Shanghai was collected. The tables and database that can indicate these design information was constructed. Considered the affected factors of structure system selection, the Bayesian networks were introduced to make knowledge discovery with the database as the foundation. According to the relationship(More)
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