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Molecular beacons represent a new family of fluorescent probes for nucleic acids, and have found broad applications in recent years due to their unique advantages over traditional probes. Detection of nucleic acids using molecular beacons has been based on hybridization between target molecules and molecular beacons in a 1:1 stoichiometric ratio. The(More)
Based solely on clinical clues from a malnourished population, thiamin alone was intentionally and successfully injected to human cases with some tumors or masses. Two cases of submandibular gland cyst and 13 out of 15 cases of Baker's cyst were cured without recurrence for several decades. In a case with pathology-confirmed osteosarcoma, subcutaneous(More)
Previously undescribed disorders of nutrition of thiamin, niacin and pyridoxin were observed among the poor people of North China during periods of prolonged deprivation. These disorders were often elicited or exacerbated by physical exertion. Thiamin deficiency syndromes included great toe pain, heel pain, temporomandibular joint click, and painful click(More)
This is a description of some unknown skin disorders found by a physician inmate in a concentration camp, 1958 to 1962. After prolonged semistarvation and ultraheavy physical labor, skin lesions developed among the inmates including cutaneous pigmentation overlying bony prominence, buccal membrane pigmentation, palmoplantar keratoderma with fissures, palmar(More)
OBJECTIVE Observations on nutritional disorders were made by a physician inmate in a concentration camp before and during the Great Starvation in China. METHODS/RESULTS Based on therapeutic response, many unique abnormalities should be considered as a part of clinical picture of malnutrition, such as mucocutaneous pigmentation, nail layering phenomena and(More)
BACKGROUND The efficacy of antibiotics in preventing surgical site infections (SSIs) depends on the timing of administration relative to the start of surgery. However, currently, both the timing of and recommendations for administration vary substantially. AIM To determine how the economic value from the hospital perspective of preoperative antibiotics(More)
This project investigated reducing the artifact content of In-111 ProstaScint SPECT scans for use in treatment planning and management. Forty-one patients who had undergone CT or MRI scans and simultaneous Tc-99m RBC/In-111 ProstaScint SPECT scans were included. SPECT volume sets, reconstructed using Ordered Set-Expectation Maximum (OS-EM) were compared(More)
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