Benjamin Wolf

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Atmospheric concentrations of the greenhouse gas nitrous oxide (N(2)O) have increased significantly since pre-industrial times owing to anthropogenic perturbation of the global nitrogen cycle, with animal production being one of the main contributors. Grasslands cover about 20 per cent of the temperate land surface of the Earth and are widely used as(More)
Learning software is not designed for data analysis and mining. Because usage data is not stored in a systematic way, its thorough analysis requires long and tedious preprocessing. In this contribution we first present a data model to structure data stored by Learning Management Systems (LMS). Then we give an overview of the system architecture that(More)
Although a significant fraction of the global soil–atmosphere exchange of greenhouse gases (GHGs) occurs in semi-arid zones little is known about the magnitude of fluxes in grazed steppe ecosystems and the interference with grazing intensity. In order to assess GHG burdens and to identify options of climate-optimized livestock farming, GHG emissions of(More)
Temperate grassland is one of the major global biome types and is widely used as rangeland. Typically, cold winters are followed by a transition period with soil thawing that may last from days to weeks. Pulse N2O emissions during freeze-thaw events have been observed in a range of temperate ecosystem types and may contribute significantly to annual N2O(More)
INTRODUCTION Angiomyofibroblastoma is a benign, rare mesenchymal tumor arising from the genital tract of both men and women and was first described by Fletcher and colleagues in 1992. The tumor needs to be distinguished from other, similar lesions, such as deep and superficial aggressive angiomyxoma and cellular angiofibroma, because aggressive angiomyxoma(More)
The difficulty of measuring gross N2O production and consumption in soil impedes our ability to predict N2O dynamics across the soil-atmosphere interface. Our study aimed to disentangle these processes by comparing measurements from gas-flow soil core (GFSC) and (15)N2O pool dilution ((15)N2OPD) methods. GFSC directly measures soil N2O and N2 fluxes, with(More)
Nevirapine (NVP) is a non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NNRTI) used against HIV-1. Currently, NVP is the most widely used anti-HIV drug in developing countries, both in combination therapy and to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV. Despite its efficacy against HIV, NVP produces a variety of toxic responses, including hepatotoxicity(More)
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