Benjamin Wetzel

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The nonlinear Schrödinger equation (NLSE) is a central model of nonlinear science, applying to hydrodynamics, plasma physics, molecular biology and optics. The NLSE admits only few elementary analytic solutions, but one in particular describing a localized soliton on a finite background is of intense current interest in the context of understanding the(More)
The ability to measure real-time fluctuations of ultrashort pulses propagating in optical fiber has provided significant insights into fundamental dynamical effects such as modulation instability and the formation of frequency-shifting rogue wave solitons. We report here a detailed study of real-time fluctuations across the full bandwidth of a fiber(More)
When viewed by scanning electron microscopy human lymphocytes fixed in suspension and processed with minimal cell loss appear uniformly covered with short microvilli. Contrary to previous reports, lymphocytes from subpopulations selectively enriched for T cells are villous and indistinguishable from B lymphocytes. Whereas lymphocyte surface architecture can(More)
  • Oviedo-Spain, P Carballeira, B Wetzel, F Haupert
  • 2005
It has long been known that the presence of ceramic nanoparticles in a polymer improves the mechanical and tribological properties of the polymer. The particles size, morphology, surface treatment, amount and the dispersion homogeneity within the matrix strongly influence the nano-composite performance. The study performed focused on the systematic(More)
Complex optical photon states with entanglement shared among several modes are critical to improving our fundamental understanding of quantum mechanics and have applications for quantum information processing, imaging, and microscopy. We demonstrate that optical integrated Kerr frequency combs can be used to generate several bi- and multiphoton entangled(More)
Modulation instability is a fundamental process of nonlinear science, leading to the unstable breakup of a constant amplitude solution of a physical system. There has been particular interest in studying modulation instability in the cubic nonlinear Schrödinger equation, a generic model for a host of nonlinear systems including superfluids, fibre optics,(More)
We report the experimental observation of energetically confined self-accelerating optical beams propagating along various convex trajectories. We show that, under an appropriate transverse compression of their spatial spectra, these self-accelerating beams can exhibit a dramatic enhancement of their peak intensity and a significant decrease of their(More)
Nonlinear optical processes are one of the most important tools in modern optics with a broad spectrum of applications in, for example, frequency conversion, spectroscopy, signal processing and quantum optics. For practical and ultimately widespread implementation, on-chip devices compatible with electronic integrated circuit technology offer great(More)
We computationally investigate supercontinuum generation in an As 2 S 3 solid core photonic crystal fiber (PCF) with a hexagonal cladding of air holes. With a goal of obtaining a supercontinuum output spectrum that can predict what might be seen in an experiment, we investigate the spectral and statistical behavior of a mid-infrared supercontinuum source(More)
During the last 4 years, chaotic waveforms for random number generation found a deep interest within the community of analogue broadband chaotic optical systems. Earlier investigations on chaos-based RNG were proposed in the 90s and early 2000, however mainly based on piecewise linear (PL) 1D map, with bit rate determined by analog electronic processing(More)