Benjamin Weiss

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Given noisy observations Xi = θi + Zi, i = 1,. .. , n, with noise Zi iid ∼ N (0, σ 2), we wish to recover the signal θ with small mean-squared error. We consider the Minimum Kolmogorov Complexity Estimator (MKCE), defined roughly as the n-vectorˆθ(X) solving the problem min Y K(Y) subject to X − Y 2 l 2 n ≤ σ 2 · n, where K(Y) denotes the length of the(More)
The forecasting problem for a stationary and ergodic binary time series {Xn} ∞ n=0 is to estimate the probability that Xn+1 = 1 based on the observations Xi, 0 ≤ i ≤ n without prior knowledge of the distribution of the process {Xn}. It is known that this is not possible if one estimates at all values of n. We present a simple procedure which will attempt to(More)
Consider a stationary real-valued time series {Xn} ∞ n=0 with a priori unknown distribution. The goal is to estimate the conditional expectation E(X n+1 |X 0 ,. .. , Xn) based on the observations (X 0 ,. .. , Xn) in a pointwise consistent way. It is well known that this is not possible at all values of n. We will estimate it along stopping times.
The forward estimation problem for stationary and ergodic time series {X n } ∞ n=0 taking values from a finite alphabet X is to estimate the probability that X n+1 = x based on the observations X i , 0 ≤ i ≤ n without prior knowledge of the distribution of the process {X n }. We present a simple procedure g n which is evaluated on the data)| → 0 almost(More)
Efficient auditory processing is hypothesized to support language and literacy development. However, behavioral tasks used to assess this hypothesis need to be robust to non-auditory specific individual differences. This study compared frequency discrimination abilities in a heterogeneous sample of adults using two different psychoacoustic task designs,(More)
A major determinant in the efficiency of ribosome loading onto mRNAs is the 5' TL (transcript leader or 5' UTR). In addition, elements within this region also impact on start site selection demonstrating that it can modulate the protein readout at both quantitative and qualitative levels. With the increasing wealth of data generated by the mining of the(More)
A number of modes of oscillations of particles and fields can exist in space plasmas. Since the early 1970s, space missions have observed noise-like plasma waves near the geomagnetic equator known as 'equatorial noise'. Several theories were suggested, but clear observational evidence supported by realistic modelling has not been provided. Here we report on(More)
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