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We introduce a novel algorithm for decoding binary linear codes by linear programming (LP). We build on the LP decoding algorithm of Feldman and introduce a postprocessing step that solves a second linear program that reweights the objective function based on the outcome of the original LP decoder output. Our analysis shows that for some LDPC ensembles we(More)
Information can be stored in inexpensive electronic "tag" microchips which can be embedded in physical objects. We have invented a new tag reader technology which allows information to be transferred into or out of these tag microchips through the human body via touch. Our technology has enabled us to create a novel user interface which can recognize when(More)
We introduce Dimple, a fully open-source API for probabilistic modeling. Dimple allows the user to specify probabilistic models in the form of graphical models, Bayesian networks, or factor graphs, and performs inference (by automatically deriving an inference engine from a variety of algorithms) on the model. Dimple also serves as a compiler for GP5, a(More)
—Gershenfeld and Grinstein showed that a modulated linear-feedback shift-register (LFSR) sequence can be synchronized by feeding the modulated sequence into an analog version of the LFSR. In this paper, a similar algorithm for synchronizing a LFSR sequence disturbed by additive white Gaussian noise is derived as forward-only message passing through the(More)
It has been observed that a linear-feedback shift-register (LFSR) sequence can be synchronized by feeding the modulated sequence into a "soft" (or "analog") version of the LFSR. In this correspondence, the "soft LFSR" is derived as forward-only message passing in the corresponding factor graph. A continous-time analog (suitable for realization as a(More)
JamiOki-PureJoy is a novel electronically mediated musical performance system. PureJoy is a musical instrument; A highly flexible looper, sampler, effects processor and sound manipulation interface based on Pure Data, with input from a joystick controller and headset microphone. PureJoy allows the player to essentially sculpt their voice with their hands.(More)
In this paper, we present our work on Audiopint, a portable, physically-robust platform for expressive musical invention built around Pure Data for audio processing and inexpensive commercially-available hardware. Audiopint is a small ruggedized Linux-based computer with a number of physical and software modications. These modications are intended to make(More)
Efficient hardware implementations of statistical inference continue to grow in importance for a wide range of computing applications. While CPU cycles are increasingly being used for statistical inference, transistors are also becoming increasingly statistical. For implementing statistical algorithms, could it be that statistical electronic substrates are(More)