Benjamin Trefz

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Cats received lesions that transected the entire thoracic cord except for partial sparing of the dorsal columns. The cats were required to discriminate the side on which they were touched, the size of simultaneously presented discs, or the direction their fur was stroked to obtain food reward. All cats found by anatomical and/or electrophysiological(More)
We study the structure and phase behavior of a binary mixture where one of the components is self-propelling in nature. The interparticle interactions in the system are taken from the Asakura-Oosawa model for colloid-polymer mixtures for which the phase diagram is known. In the current model version, the colloid particles are made active using the Vicsek(More)
We study numerically the critical behavior of a modified, active Asakura-Oosawa model for colloid-polymer mixtures. The colloids are modeled as self-propelled particles with Vicsek-like interactions. This system undergoes phase separation between a colloid-rich and a polymer-rich phase, whereby the phase diagram depends on the strength of the Vicsek-like(More)
Large scale molecular dynamics simulations on graphic processing units (GPUs) are employed to study the scaling behavior of ring polymers with various topological constraints in melts. Typical sizes of rings containing 3(1), 5(1) knots and catenanes made up of two unknotted rings scale like N(1/3) in the limit of large ring sizes N. This is consistent with(More)
We present results for structure and dynamics of mixtures of active and passive particles, from molecular dynamics (MD) simulations and integral equation theory (IET) calculations, for a physically motivated model. The perfectly passive limit of the model corresponds to the phase-separating Asakura-Oosawa model for colloid-polymer mixtures in which, for the(More)
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