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Due to the proliferation of cloud computing, cloud-based systems are becoming an increasingly attractive target for malware. In an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud, malware located in a customer’s virtual machine (VM) affects not only this customer, but may also attack the cloud infrastructure and other co-hosted customers directly. This paper(More)
Nowadays, privacy and anonymity are becoming more and more important for users of social networks. Thus, it is of particular interest for user of an anonymous, location-based social network if the network is able to provided the anonymity that it appears to provide. In this work, we present an approach to obtain the geographic location of users of the(More)
Mobile devices, like tablets and smartphones, are common place in everyday life. Thus, the degree of security these devices can provide against digital forensics is of particular interest. A common method to access arbitrary data in main memory is the cold boot attack. The cold boot attack exploits theremanence effect that causes data in DRAM modules not to(More)
Motivation Encrypted communication (especially TLS) became ubiquitous in the Internet (https, voip, mail, etc.) Why do we need to decrypt encrypted communication? Adversaries use encryption to hide attacks Network intrusion detection systems can not decrypt network traffic (especially Infrastructure-as-a-service based Clouds) Distinction between legitimate(More)
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