Benjamin Steinhilber

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BACKGROUND Osteoarthritis is the most common reason for pain in older adults, and the individual and economic burden of this disease is immense. The chronic character of osteoarthritis requires a long-term therapeutic treatment. In this regard life-style interventions such as physical exercises that can be carried out by the patient himself are recommended(More)
BACKGROUND Hip osteoarthritis (hip OA) is a disease with a major impact on both national economy and the patients themselves. Patients suffer from pain and functional impairment in activities of daily life which are associated with a decrease in quality of life. Conservative therapeutic interventions such as physical exercises aim at reducing pain and(More)
OBJECTIVES Prolonged standing is associated with multiple risk factors for musculoskeletal and venous disorders. In Germany over 50% of the working population spend most of their working time in a standing position. Basic understanding of prolonged standing physiology is lacking. We therefore plan to investigate the influence of 5 h standing (including(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to evaluate the long-lasting effects of prolonged standing work on a hard floor or floor mat and slow-pace walking on muscle twitch force (MTF) elicited by electrical stimulation. BACKGROUND Prolonged standing work may alter lower-leg muscle function, which can be quantified by changes in the MTF amplitude and duration(More)
BACKGROUND Laparoscopic surgery (LS) induces physical stress to the surgeon that is associated with an increased prevalence of musculoskeletal pain and injury in the shoulder-neck region. The aim of this research project is to develop an arm support system (ASsyst) that reduces physical stress and is applicable to various laparoscopic interventions and(More)
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