Benjamin Schroeder

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BACKGROUND Detailed multimodality assessment of subclinical atherosclerosis in asymptomatic subjects referred for risk stratification has not been performed. We analyzed the detection of early atherosclerosis using 3 imaging modalities: coronary artery calcium (CAC) scoring, carotid ultrasound (US), and coronary computed tomography angiography (CCTA). (More)
Enhanced activity of the Ser/Thr protein kinase, RSK, is associated with transformation and metastasis, which suggests that RSK is an attractive drug target. The natural product, SL0101 (kaempferol 3-O-(3″,4″-di-O-acetyl-α-L-rhamnopyranoside), has been shown to be a RSK selective inhibitor. However, the Ki for SL0101 is 1 μM with a half-life of less than 30(More)
Physically based sound models have a " natural " setting in dimensional space: a physical model has a shape and an extent and can be given a position relative to other models. In our experimental system, we place procedurally animated agents in a world of spatially situated physical models. The agents move in the same space as the models and can interact(More)
s, Part 1 Reproducibility of Borderline OGTT Data on 163 Subjects. J .P . Aboulker, A.J. Valleron, L. Papoz, M. Rathery. Ins t i tut National de La Sant~ et de la Rgcherche M@dicale, Unit6 de Reeherches Statistiques U 21, Villejuif. France. Quanti tat ive data relative to the variat ion of individual blood glucose levels during repeated OGTT are few and(More)
An accurate local (near-equilibrium) potential energy surface (PES) is reported for the C3 molecule in its electronic ground state (X̃(1)Σg (+)). Special care has been taken in the convergence of the potential relative to high-order correlation effects, core-valence correlation, basis set size, and scalar relativity. Based on the aforementioned PES, several(More)
Biotin is involved in many vital metabolic pathways and must be provided for an efficient fermentation in the rumen, as well as for the intermediary metabolism of the host animal. Factors influencing ruminal biotin metabolism and output are widely unknown at present. Therefore, dairy cows fitted with permanent cannulas in the dorsal rumen and in the(More)
The bleomycins (BLMs) are clinically used glycopeptide antitumor antibiotics that have been shown to mediate the sequence-selective oxidative damage of both DNA and RNA. Previously, we described the solid-phase synthesis of a library of 108 unique analogues of deglycoBLM A6, a congener that cleaves DNA analogously to BLM itself. Each member of the library(More)
Dual conformational restriction: a new, highly constrained modification of the α-L-locked nucleic acid (α-L-LNA) scaffold that locks the sugar furanose ring in an N-type configuration and also restricts rotation around torsion angle γ was synthesized. This new modification increases the thermostability of an oligonucleotide duplex compared to using a single(More)