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The objective of this paper is to provide analytical expressions for the elastic cross-section local buckling stress, including element interaction, of hot-rolled steel structural shapes. The cross-section local buckling stress is determined by finite strip analysis. Local stability of each cross-section is considered in axial compression, as well as(More)
Many people know that Lego Mindstorms are great for teaching a wide range of different computer concepts to students. Some use them to teach programming, engineering, and of course robotics. In September of 2013, Lego released the latest generation of Mindstorms called EV3. This workshop focused on introducing participants on how to use Mindstorms EV3 and(More)
This workshop will conduct an exploration of the newly released Lego Mindstorms EV3 robot platform and its applicability to the college computer science curriculum. Participants will learn about the EV3 through handouts and hands-on programming exercises. The first part of the workshop will focus on demonstrating EV3 robots as well as the STEM concepts and(More)
This report provides test and analysis results for a typical cold-formed steel (CFS) stud as employed in light steel framing for a building. Specifically, tests are conducted on a 362S162-68 (50 ksi) stud connected to 362T162-68 (50ksi) track with varying combinations of sheathing connected to the two flanges. Loading consists of both axial load and a(More)
This addendum provides revisions and addition to the May 2008 proposal (attached) on the Direct Strength Prediction of Cold-Formed Steel (CFS) Beam-Columns. This addendum provides a revised statement of work to provide a clear separation between Year 1 of the project and the out years. This addendum also includes a revised and updated Year 1 budget. 1.(More)
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