Benjamin Sarac

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Several studies have reported evidence of hormonal abnormalities in 25–35% of impotent men. Hypothyroidism has been reported to occur in 6% of impotent men. In the present study, we examined purinergic relaxation responses in hypothyroidism in an experimental rabbit model and compared them with controls to evaluate the possible involvement of the purinergic(More)
Traumatic brain injury (TBI)-induced impairments in cerebral energy metabolism impede tissue repair and contribute to delayed functional recovery. Moreover, the transient alteration in brain glucose utilization corresponds to a period of increased vulnerability to the negative effects of a subsequent TBI. In order to better understand the factors(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether chronic renal failure (CRF) reduces nitrergic relaxant responses in a rabbit model. MATERIALS AND METHODS Ten rabbits underwent surgery to induce uraemia (CRF rabbits) and a further 10 a sham operation (controls). Corpus cavernosal tissue was prepared and used in organ-chamber experiments, with relaxation assessed against a(More)
OBJECTIVE To examine purinergic relaxation responses in chronic renal failure (CRF) in an experimental rabbit model, and thus evaluate the possible involvement of the purinergic system in erectile dysfunction with CRF. MATERIALS AND METHODS The relaxant effects of ATP were measured in strips of corpus cavernosum smooth muscle taken from control and CRF(More)
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