Benjamin Sandelin

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The objective of this study was to estimate genetic parameters for real-time ultrasound measurements of longissimus muscle area (LMA), 12th rib backfat thickness (FT), percent intramuscular fat (IMF), and yearling weight (YW) for 1,299 yearling Brangus bulls and heifers. A single ultrasound technician performed all measurements. The number of observations(More)
Over two consecutive years, the effects of allocating divergent biological types of cattle (n=107) to fescue pasture without supplementation, or fescue or orchardgrass pasture with soyhull supplementation on chemical, fatty acid and sensory characteristics were investigated. Cattle from the two supplemented treatments produced beef that had increased(More)
Soyhull supplementation to divergent biological types of cattle on forage-based systems was studied to determine the impact on carcass and color characteristics. Weaned calves (n=107) biologically classified as large-, medium-, or small-framed and intermediate rate of maturing were allocated to three cool-season grazing systems consisting of either(More)
Mature weight and rate of maturing were estimated in 177 Angus, Brahman, and reciprocal-cross cows grazing bermudagrass or endophyte-infected tall fescue over a 4-yr period to evaluate genotype x environment interactions. Data were collected every 28 d until cows were approximately 18 mo of age and then at prebreeding, postcalving, and weaning of calf. All(More)
Steers (n=335) of known genetic backgrounds from four fundamentally different growth types were subjected to two production systems to study differences in carcass traits. Growth types were animals with genetic potential for large mature weight-late maturing, intermediate mature weight-late maturing, intermediate mature weight-early maturing and small(More)
The use of composite materials for dental fillings has become more common due to demands for more esthetic filling materials and a national ban against using mercury-containing products, among others dental amalgam. However, one of the drawbacks with composites is their polymerization shrinkage. Filler particles are incorporated into composites among other(More)
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