Benjamin S Mantell

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OBJECTIVE To test the antitumour effect of gonadotrophin releasing-hormone (GnRH) analogues in women with recurrent endometrial cancer. DESIGN An open phase II observational trial of GnRH analogues. Serial measurements of gonadotrophins, sex hormones and tumour dimensions were made together with repeat biopsy when possible to assess the response to(More)
Seven hundred and four patients with bladder cancer treated by radiotherapy at the London Hospital between 1965 and 1974 have been followed for a minimum period of 5 years. Invasive tumours were usually treated by radical radiotherapy. Cystectomy was reserved for patients whose tumours did not respond to radiation, recurred later on, or who developed(More)
The time spent in hospital when cerebral metastases occur as the first site of relapse in patients with small cell carcinoma of the lung (SCCL) has been analysed and compared to the consequences of relapse in the liver. In the course of a clinical trial with 370 patients, 50 patients relapsed initially in the brain and 20 in the liver. The 2 groups were(More)
Three hundred and seventy one patients with extensive or limited small cell cancer of the lung took part in a randomised trial to evaluate irradiation of the primary tumour in patients treated with combination chemotherapy. They were randomly allocated to treatment either with chemotherapy alone (198) or with both chemotherapy and radiotherapy (173). All(More)
Microgliomatosis (Russell, Marshall, and Smith, 1948) or primary reticulosis of the brain (Miller and Ramsden, 1963) is usually considered a pathological curiosity and the diagnosis has almost invariably been made on necropsy material. Yet the structure of the tumour suggests that it may be radiosensitive and every effort should therefore be made to reach a(More)