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Numerical Investigations of NOX-Formation in Scramjet Combustors
In the present paper the impact of NO X -emissions of aircrafts on ozone is highlighted. The chemical processes of NO X in the troposphere and stratosphere are explained briefly and the formation ofExpand
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An Improved Lobed Strut Injector Concept for Supersonic Combustion
A major problem in supersonic combustion is the short residence time of the fluid inside the combustor due to high flow velocities. Thus techniques for mixing enhancement have to be used to achieve aExpand
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Numerical Simulation of the Internal and External Flowfields of a Scramjet Fuel Strut Injector Including Conjugate Heat Transfer
The use of fuel strut injectors is a promising concept to achieve good mixing and combustion performances in supersonic combustors. In the present paper a lobed strut injector is investigated. TheExpand
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